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Student’s Responsibility & Co-curricular Training


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John Cox society & Blood donors forum

London Mission Society (LMS) Opening their ministry in Sotherntravancore on 15th century. The first London missionary was John cox, he was born in fainsuvit of England in 1811. His study was Hibbey Eriya College. In 1837 consecrate of LMS Missionary and he came to Trivandrum. John Knox Ministries located in Kannammoola was major center of LMS. He constructed a new bungalow in Kannammoola as well as boarding school. Johncox was a social reformer he opposed antisocial elements and meaningless rituals. He established a boarding home after some years that institutions upgrading a theological seminary, known as KUT Seminary. Loving memory of John cox formatted an organization in seminary known as John cox Society (Including his ministries and activities. Etc.). Activities – Blood Donation and they conducting conventions in different churches in Trivandrum.

Balajana Sakhyam


Children’s meeting conducted for all children’s evening from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Bible classes, stories, songs bible quiz and game helps the children. These training aims at their all-round development and spiritual growth.

Women’s Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship is a major platform for female member in the seminary. Worship conducted by women in every Saturday Activity Worship, cottage prayer, Intercessory prayer, Sermon, Bible Quiz, and special programs.

Seminary Women Project

Students’ and faculty’s’ wife’s and their children together participate in this project, they manufacture fancy ornaments, soap lotion etc. These items also sales in the chapel community.


The student Christian movement unit of seminary actively participated in social issues. During the 2014-15, Seminary SCM Unit participated in the protest of adivasis the SCM unit organized seminar discussing the pathetic condition of tribal’s.

Department of Media and Communication

Communication department is also active participants in day to day life Activities – To support the study of the final year students to make their sermon class provide technical assistance, Production of short films, Sound recording, Editing, Camera work etc.

Sports and Arts

A live sports club is working here. It helps a student have entertainment physical and mental health.
Activities from Monday to Friday in all evening 4pm to 6pm all students were participate in variety entertainments. All family members also participated in four houses. Variety competitions conducted in arts club. Also participated in the games that held by other seminaries.


Agriculture committee promotes agriculture. Especially for family quarters members students cultivate various agricultural products like tapioca farming, etc.


Navasrishti is a new programme started in the seminary giving special important to ecology tries to promote an ecological sensitive life and organize various programs including cleaning, plastic free campus and save the trees and plants.

Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayer is conducted Monday to Friday. That day they pray for the day’s speciality.


A united organization and gathering of seminarians in trivandrum formed in the period of 1989 -90. Seminarians joined together and discuss their academic and non-academic matters.
Cleaning activites conducted in mental health hospital and petta railway station.
Friendly matches on Shuttle and volleyball are conducted and Christmas celebration.

Evening Prayer

Each day evening 7 pm to 7.30 pm doing the evening prayer in Seminary Chapel.