Old Hostel

This was the first and oldest hostel of this campus. 64 students can be given accommodation in this hostel.

New Hostel

This hostel was dedicated on 12th June 1996 in this hostel there are 14 rooms 27 students can be given accommodation in this hostel.


This hostel was dedicated on 14th June 1995. Twenty eight students can be given accommodation in this hostel.

Family Quarters

Family quarters only for married students. Twenty two family quarters are available in this Campus.

Faculty Quarters

Eight Faculty Quarters are established in this campus including the principal quarters.

Academic Block

Office, Class rooms, Principal’s Chamber, Seminar Hall, Conference Hall, Book store, Treasurers and Registrar’s room’setc. are in academic block.


Geoffrey Paul was the former Principal of this Seminary (1961-65). He went to his country and also serves as Bishop of his congregation. The seminary chapel was constructed with a tower. This tower was built in the loving memory of two American Children namely Helen Romeyn Zabriskie (1892-1905) Reginald Zabriskie (1894-1902).
Former Canterbury Arch Bishop Most.Rev.Hon.Dr.Rowan Douglas Williams visited this Chapel on 23rd October 2010 and he also blessed and named this chapel as Geoffrey Paul Chapel.
We have a God gifted Chapel on the top of the Kannammoola hills and is built by the Christian Missionaries from London Mission Society.

Leslie Brown Library

Above thirty thousand reference books are available in various languages. It is a treasure for the theological students to motivate their education and build up a higher academic efficiency. This library is also known as Leslie Wilfred Brown Library. There is a big reading hall in this library. 150 students were used to read and study on same time. This Library was dedicated on 14th June 1983.
We have a mess hall. One hundred and twenty students can use at the same time.